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Features of Sites Built Using the WordPress Platform Lacking the knowledge to build a website is one of the things that cause people not to launch online businesses. What most people don’t know, is that creating a site is not that hard. It is essential to note that businesses are going digital, and yours shouldn’t be an exception. If you want to compete effectively, you should also get on the internet. Whether you want a personal blog or a website for your company, making an online presence is very essential. This starts from the website platform you choose. One of the best platforms is WordPress, and below are some of the characteristics of a website that has been created on a WordPress platform. Simple Sharing to Social Media Platforms When it comes to getting stuff done on your blog you need to be able to market the content. Traffic flow is still one of the challenges faced by people who own websites. However, WordPress has a special design that makes it easier to share content to different social media sites. This makes it easy to share links to twitter, linked in, Facebook and other social sites. This feature is great because aside from allowing you to share links, it enables you to alert those fans and subscribers when you have new content. Unlike using emails, most people spend more time on social media, this is why such a tool becomes so effective for making notices.
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With all the competition that is out there, it can be a bit tricky making it with a mediocre site even if the content is great. People want a site that is simple and easy to use. It ensures that navigation is easy and one gets to enjoy their experience much more. By using WordPress one is able to get the full experience. It allows easy access on any technological device such as mobiles, or laptops. The fact that the site is mobile friendly is an added advantage because it gives you an edge over other competing websites. One is able to connect to anyone online using WordPress because of its user friendly interface. Attractive Themes The WordPress platform has a number of different themes. Having a site that is regular and plain is boring. It is very hard to get your site flooding with visitors if it looks unattractive. However, WordPress websites offer a variety of themes that one can easily pick from, there are those that are free and those that are paid for. Depending on the site you want to put up these themes can be customized to suit your site. Some themes are made specifically for blogs and all they need is a few pictures and a lot of written texts. You can also choose to use a theme that enables you to create your personal logo, or one which allows you to have a comments or finance section such that payments of services and goods can be made online.