The Reasons Why You Require Silver Siphon for Stripe to Xero Reconciliation Projects

Many companies presently utilize Xero to generate statements and Stripe to accept payments, only to find the 2 programs don’t work properly together. When the time comes to reconcile invoices and payments, doing so is a complicated process. Numerous steps need to be carried out to tackle the reconciliation, and businesses discover doing this requires time away from additional essential jobs. Therefore, many people are currently opting to utilize Silver Siphon. With the help of this product, Stripe To Xero reconciliation jobs become less difficult. Stripe transactions can be imported into Xero just as if the 2 applications were one. Xero’s automatic matching process then begins and the reconciliation will be handled automatically. Financial institution rules might also be established to take on reconciliation chores for additional codes. Furthermore, when Stripe imports to Xero, all financial dealings are shown on one line item. In the event a problem arises, multiple measures need to be taken to figure out exactly where the issue is situated. Silver Siphon eradicates this concern as well, since it offers the info in the very same format utilized for a standard bank feed. Business owners choosing to utilize this program find their task becomes much easier. Look it over today, because you will likely find the same to be real for you.