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An Introduction To Email Verification Systems Email verification is a process in which the validity of email address is carried out. If you truly value email marketing or if you yourself is an email marketer, then you must understand how wasteful things can be when sending out emails to addresses which aren’t valid. The verification whether you believe it or not is divided to 2 forms and these are the retrospective verification and the pre-emptive verification. Pre-emptive verification – this is a process to which it checks whether the email addresses are correct and valid when entering into the system that stores or uses email addresses. This is actually an effective verification process for businesses that like to check the entries of email address made by customers or staff members. Retrospective verification – for this process, it checks the addresses that are entered in your business database to be certain that they are valid and current. Third party processes are being used and different technologies are applied in order to identify closed or dead email accounts without having to send mails to them.
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Each and every effort invested in marketing strategies have to pay off, which is the same reason as well why it is vital to ensure of the strategies that are put in place. Email marketing could be a success most especially when you consider using an email verification system. Below, I have listed some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you consider using such.
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Number 1. It actually helps you save cash on fees for email deliveries as the list size is reduced down to valid and relevant email addresses only. Thus, there is no need for you to pay additional fee for sending out messages to dud emails. Number 2. The process of verification can also help you save from dealing with problems in relation to email service providers who are strict when it comes to bounced email thresholds. Take into account that some have a specific amount in which you are allowed before having your account suspended or closed, particularly if you are just a new member. Number 3. You need to work on improving deliverability in a way that you reduce greatly the number of emails expired when verifying email addresses. Your emails could be degraded by your internet service provider if you have growing percentage of unknown or expired users. But you can increase your sender reputation score when you have clean email sending list which is all possible by making use of email verification system. And the only way for you to enjoy these things is to pick a verifying tool that is intelligently using innovative technology to clean up your mailing lists.