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The Biggest Logo Design Trends to Watch Out For

Designing a logo is a job that is easier said than done. There are so many consideration and to of those are colors and graphics. Moreover, there are plenty of processes to do as well. But most importantly, the company logo should be clean, simple and carries a message that is not that hard to understand. Well-known and legendary designers consider two basic factors that each logo must have. Visual appeal is one and the second one is that it must be easy to undersand. One should note that even the best designer would find it a challenging task to combine the message and the aesthetic elements into one logo. The same thing applies to designing a garage logo for a garage door repair Austin company. There are five popular trends to look into.

This first trend, and probably the one that would never go away is minimalism. A simple yet meaningful logo is right for a garage door repair Austin shop. Logos that look busy are actually repulsive to many viewers. A simpler logo is more eye catching. Minimal design makes your logo look modern.

The next trend is handmade appeal. A garage door repair Austin company could use a logo design that is unique and that uniqueness is achieved by a handmade logo. Logo’s that look hand drawn have an appeal that is more sincere and warm. This kinds of logos are usually preferred by small shops.

Another huge trend in designing a logo that a garage door repair Austin shop can use is the line art. With this trend, lines are strategically formed into texts, symbols or images to make a logo to represent the company. Line art is simple and usually uses two colors only, but the design possibility is endless. With this trend, designing a logo that is minimalistic becomes a bit easier.

Do not even think of 3-dimensional designs because the a flat one is the trend nowadays. Moreover, this design is also timeless. You can do away with shadows and over-the-top gradients in order to keep your logo design simple.

Last, but not the least is the use of negative space that is so in these days. The negative space is what forms the image of your logo. Look at the arrow in between E and X in the FedEx logo and the S in the middle of U and A for the logo of the network USA. This type of logo easy captures viewers’ eyes if done right.

In conclusion, designing a killer logo for a company like garage door repair Austin is not easy but it should not be impossible as long as you keep in mind these trends and that you keep it simple but unique.