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Broadband Internet and the Ways that It Has Improved Our Connectivity Back in the day, before the internet, communication was speaking to one another either directly of over the phone. Communication now can be done in multiple ways and you don’t even need to physically stand in front of someone or even to say a word. The internet has greatly impacted the way we communicate and interact in our modern society. Almost all computers these days have internet that users need to have. With all the information we want at our reach, it is easy to say that we are luckier than those before who don’t have this advantage. Based far away from your family and friends would’ve been difficult before the invention of the internet. Telephones and postage mails were the only way to communicate with your friends and family from afar. When it comes to business and companies, computer networking, radio, newspapers, meetings, faxes, phone calls, and all other kinds of communication was necessary for it to grow. Just ten years later, communication was now done on the internet for almost all kinds of businesses and of course for home owners. The internet is a powerful tool that greatly changed the way we live in our world now. The old method of communication, which is sending hand written or typed mails to one another, has become a thing of the past. If you are online, you must have an email that you use to send messages or letters to anyone around the world. Mail offices are not so common or visited these days. Businesses relied so much before on the post, but now everything is just so easy for them to do online.
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Instant messaging is now more convenient for people who have computers or phones. People use chatting in many ways but it is just basically to quickly communicate with the people you love, or to reach out to new people. Instant messaging is also something that most people prefer because it is informal and more relaxed than the usual phone calls or letters.
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One of the biggest things that impacted us through the internet was the popularity of social networking and social media. With the advancements in social networking, people can now meet other people from the whole other side of the world. It is very useful to use in marketing or advertising in businesses, or to simply use it for personal reasons. The reach that social media can do can be done in a short amount of time online and all you need is at least one person to do it. The results of businesses who use social media and marketing online will usually tell you about how it has improved their sales and overall results.