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The Advantages Of VPS Over Shared Hosting Whenever you are looking for a host for your website, there are a lot of options you can choose from. When it comes to hosting a website, there are only two variations of such hosting, they are the dedicated and the shared type of web hosting. One of the cheapest web hosting type is the shared hosting where you are going to share a massive hard drive with various websites. Even though shared hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting, not all sites are suited to use this kind of web hosting especially the ones that have large network traffic on their sites. Due to the fact that shared hosting is sharing the same data warehouse of multiple websites, sites that are having high traffic does not use this type of hosting since separating their data from the other sites is impossible with only a single server. Dedicated server or dedicated hosting is the best choice for these kinds of sites which will allow each individual site to have a private server only for them. The only downside of choosing dedicated hosting is that it comes at an expensive price. Because of that reason, there is a new option that has been developed for those people who cant afford dedicated hosting but in need of a dedicated host for their site, this innovation is called VPS or Virtual Private Server. An operating system unique to each of the web hosting accounts is given to each of them when using a Virtual Private Server or VPS. Since the users in VPS have their own virtual private server, they can now do whatever they want when using the server without affecting the other users, unlike a shared hosting. Using a virtual private server, affecting the work of the other sites is not an issue anymore. Being able to migrate from a shared hosting to a virtual private server without hassles and breakdowns needs an experienced weeb hosting company to help you. Before doing any server migration, you have to know the right time as to when you are going to transfer into VPS account from your current one. By the time that you are going to do a website expansion or have new services added to your site, that would be the right time to transfer to a VPS plan. A virtual private server plan has a big benefit difference compared to a shared hosting plan.
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Performace Advantage – a shared server that has a user that’s using more resources than any other users, the performance of the other users will be slowed down. With VPS hosting, the performance will not be an issue. With a virtual private server, other neighboring servers will not be affected anymore by users that have large resource usage.