Reporting and Data Analysis Made Easy For Schools

Schools are required to keep track of students’ progress, input data for reporting compliance with standards and provide parents with helpful information about their child. The data is in the system, but compiling it and analyzing it can be complicated and time consuming. That process takes away from the students. You need to be focused on making informed decisions regarding budget, interventions and assessments. Your teachers need to be focused on teaching and lesson planning. You need a tool that can help you analyze your data and view it using many filters to pinpoint successes and note areas of improvements.

An application developed using the latest business intelligence platform and that works with your existing system will save you time and money. The application, called schools intelligence, will help you compile, filter, and analyze your data so you can understand it. You can look at data collected on testing results, money spent per pupil or per program, interventions and any other information you have in a variety of formats. You can pick and choose your filters to customize reporting, measure successes and keep track of student attendance quickly and easily. You can view your data in simple and comprehensive ways. It is cloud based which means that set up time is minimal. It works with our current data collection system, so you do not have to switch programs and train everyone on a new system. The tool is flexible so you can customize it to suit your needs. You can add more data sources, change the type of data you analyze and adapt it to comply with policy changes or to provide additional information.

There is a free trial available and comes with 24/7 support. Full consultancy services are included and can help you get the most out of your data using this tool. Support can answer any questions you may have and can use screen sharing to walk you through any application. This helps you not only understand the application, but master it as well. Look at your current system of analyzing and reporting data and consider how much time and money is spent compiling those reports. Look at the time and money something like this tool can save you and determine for yourself if it will work for your school.