Preventing Nasty Computer Infections

Keeping your computer free from malware is a fight that never ends. Once you realize that, you’re one step closer to solving your malware problems. There isn’t any reason to search for ways to clear out malware if you don’t have malware on your computer. Fortunately, preventing nasty infections doesn’t require a degree in computer science. All you have to do is be more careful while using your computer. Watching what you download is a start. People who create malware often try to include their creations in things that people like to download. Everything that you download should be scanned before being opened. Also, you shouldn’t download from sites you don’t trust. Torrents are off limits to all but the most experienced of computer users.

Another way that computer users get infected with malware is by opening infected emails. Some malware programs work by infecting a user then searching through email contacts. The program then tries to spread itself by forwarding itself to all the people in the contact list. Those people who open the email and click the attachment end up with the malware. So if you get a weird email from one of your contacts, know that it could be malware that the person didn’t send you themselves. Never open up strange attachments. Also, avoid opening emails from people you don’t know. Another trick that malware creators use is to pretend to be law enforcement or some other important agency. This trick works to scare some people into clicking on attachments in emails. For example, a malware creator may send you an email saying you have a court date and to click the link for information. Don’t fall for these aggressive tricks.

Even if you own an Apple computer, you need to use an anti-virus software package. There is a myth going around that Apple computers aren’t vulnerable to malware. Apple computers are vulnerable. They just don’t have enough of the market share to make them attractive targets when compared to machines running Windows. Having a anti-virus utility isn’t enough. You need to keep it updated for it to be of any use to you. Since you may forget to manually update the program, it’s best to schedule automatic updates.