A Simple Plan For Researching Webhosting

Choosing a Web Host for Your Business Website

There are so many companies offering web hosting services today. As you choose one for your business, make sure there will be no unnecessary issues that can block your website’s success, and that all of your needs will be satisfied. The question is, what things must be considered?

Types of Plans

Individual Package

This is the most affordable option, probably costing below $4 per month for a package good for three years. These plans support only a single domain which may be limited in bandwidth, data storage and features. Thus, they are more appropriate for beginning webmasters who expect a small amount of traffic and have no unique needs.

Dedicated Servers

Another name for individual plans is “shared hosting plans” and that is because webmasters are actually sharing space on hosting servers with other webmasters. As their needs evolve and can no longer be satisfied by a limited plan, they move up to a dedicated server package, where an entire server will be allotted only to them and no other users. Of course, these plans will be more expensive, ranging from $130 to $140 monthly. If you are anticipating a potential upgrade, make sure you start with a company that offers both plans and lets you shift when the time comes.

Reseller Accounts

Reseller hosting is something that comes in the middle of individual and dedicated server plans. These packages allow a single user to set up multiple sites with just a single account. Reseller plans usually cost from $10 to $20 monthly, and are perfect for businesses that will probably need many small websites.

Choosing a Plan


Although affordability is important, you should stay away from free plans because they are usually unreliable and they require the posting of their sponsors’ ads on your website.

Client Reviews

Customer reviews can be very helpful as you research different hosting companies. Just make sure you are reading authentic reviews because some companies do post them either to promote themselves or destroy their competitor.

Client Support

Regardless of the size of our business, you should choose a web host that offers reliable customer service. All websites go through issues, and you need a web host with a reliable team of experts to help you through. Find a company with email and online chat access and 24/7 phone support.

Storage and Bandwidth Allowance

You may think bandwidth and storage are no longer an issue because more hosting plans are offering them unlimited these days. But you still need to ensure that your website receives enough of both so it can function effectively.

Script Support

Finally, consider the company’s inbuilt support for popular web scripts. Let’s say you want to run WordPress on your site. Some hosts will offer built-in script packages that will let you add this blogging platform easily.