Driving For Uber Allows Employees To Get Access To Health Benefits

Driving for uber has always been rewarding. The benefits of driving for Uber are easily noticed when you compare it to a traditional taxicab company. People who use their own vehicles to transport people are able to earn a considerable amount of money. Now, Uber is offering people more benefits for becoming an Uber driver. The company is know giving its contractors access to health benefits.
How Is Uber Providing People With Health Benefits?
Uber knows that finding quality and affordable healthcare coverage is one of the top concerns that drivers have. Not only is this type of insurance essential for people who want to maintain an acceptable quality of life, but it is also necessary for avoiding tax penalties. People who do not have health insurance coverage will have to pay extra in taxes at the end of the year because of the Affordable Care Act requirements. Uber partners and drivers can now have access to a variety of affordable health care plans.
Stride Health
The healthcare plans that are available for Uber partners and drivers are supplied by Stride Health. Not only do people who work for Uber get access to low-cost coverage, but they also have access to many other helpful tools and resources that will help them find the policies that are best for their household and individual needs. Not only will people be able to get healthcare coverage for a cheaper price, but it is also more convenient.
Stride Health was first available to Uber partners in the state of California. It then expanded to Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York. In the near future, it will be offered in every area where Uber is available so that everyone who drives for the company will have access to the affordable health care coverage that they need.
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